Mentor North celebrates mentoring month

Mentor North celebrates National mentoring month

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Having someone in your life to support you, to be there for you through good times and even not-so-good times is a valuable thing. In some cases it can be life-changing.

That type of relationship was being celebrated Thursday night, through art. This is national mentoring month and a local group, Mentor North celebrated it with an art opening at Empire Coffee in Superior.

“We serve families and youth in both Superior and in Duluth,” said Mentor North Communications Coordinator, Samantha Smingler. “So we have artists from both sides of the border,” she said. “Our show is made by youth in our program, as well as mentors and actually a couple of guardians in our program as well. We’re just really excited to highlight them and give them a space to shine and really to have a moment to thank our mentors as well.”

In addition to thanking current mentors, Smingler also said Mentor North is having a great impact in the twin ports and that they are always needing more mentors.

Mentor North is a non-profit agency helping kids ages 7 through 14 in Duluth and Superior, matching them with carefully screened adult volunteers for one-on-one mentoring.

Its mission is to celebrate youth and support families through one-on-one mentorship and community engagement. Go to mentor-north-dot-org to get involved or to learn more.