Memorial Blood Centers declare blood emergency in Minnesota

Today, Monday March 6th, Memorial Blood Centers (MBC) declared a blood emergency. This announcement of an emergency is due to several long-standing factors, including the winter storms, a brutal cold and flu season, fewer donors giving for their first time, and an increasing number of individuals who have not returned to donating since the pandemic began.

“We consider a 5 to 7 day supply of blood on hand to be optimal so that we can make sure that we have blood on hand to serve all of our hospitals. When we declare a blood emergency, we’re looking at one or two products being left on a one day supply,” says Philip Losacker whom is the Community Relations Manager at Memorial Blood Centers.

In addition to whole blood donors, platelet donors are also immediately needed. With a life of just 7 days, MBC relies on platelet donors to help patients undergoing chemotherapy, bleeding disorders, new mothers, and more.

In addition, the lack of blood donors is very much a generational problem.

“Generationally, we are not as good at attracting new younger donors to join us, whatever that reason might be, it’s not necessarily those younger donors are unwilling. It’s just we have been unable to attract them in the numbers that we need to,” finishes Losacker.

Blood donors can give every 56 days, and platelet donors can give twice per month. To view current eligibility guidelines, visit or call 888.448.3253.