Meeting needs in a large-scale disaster

Disaster Response

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In the event of a natural disaster, or large-scale emergency, none of us are immune to whatever devastation ensues.

And recovery requires collaboration and coordination, not just involving first reponders and emergency personnel, but also social service agencies and community non-profits.

Today the Ready North network brought many related agencies together to conduct a simulation exercise to ensure no one gets left behind when a real disaster strikes.

“What we’re we’re looking at is really who does that affect and how are they affected?,” said Jodi Slick, CEO of Ecolibrium3. “How fast are they affected, and that might be something that’s very different from a person who is unhoused to an older individual that may not have transportation or may depend on a caregiver to other individuals that maybe do have transportation but are living paycheck to paycheck.”

Several local organizations came together Thursday night to talk about how disaster scenarios impact different people.

Organizations like Lighthouse center for vital living, the YMCA, the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, Equilibrium3, the Duluth-Superior area community foundation, Red Cross and more. The effort is being funded by a grant from the U.S. department of energy and the lessons learned will become part of a national toolkit for building resilient communities.