MCA reading and science test scores fall in Duluth Public Schools

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The first day of school will begin for some students in a short couple weeks. Duluth Public School district is planning for some big changes for students after reviewing MCA reading and science test scores.

Student test scores in reading and science decreased from last year’s numbers. According to Minnesota Department of Education, reading scores in Duluth Public schools fell to 55.7%, and science scores fell to 49.7%. However, math scores stayed the same at 46%.

Unfortunately all three scores are not close to pre-pandemic levels. In 2019 reading scores were 62.6%, science scores were 53.6%, and math scores were 55.2%.

Superintendent John Magas, said even though there are no longer mask mandates, or remote learning, student learning is still impacted from the pandemic. “We’ve seen those effects throughout the state and country,” Magas said. “We need to make sure that we here, too, in Duluth, are doing everything we can as an organization to lift our students and make sure that every student is successful here in Duluth.”

Superintendent Magas said that some of the scores reflect a decline in students already struggling with science and reading. “We’re really focusing deeply on three different areas. We’re focusing on supporting every student, advancing equity and improving systems, and we think about supporting every student,” Magas said. “We really think about what does the instruction look like and how can we make sure it’s the best it can be.”

Also if parents and families want to help students with their testing scores, Magas said that regular attendance and helping with mental health issues could increase MCA reading and science test scores.

“I believe that those test scores are going to turn around and they’re going to be on the upswing,” Magas said. “But we also have to take this very, very seriously and think about what are we all going to do to roll up our sleeves and deliver for the students of Duluth.”

Duluth Public Schools will also be implementing “Away for the Day” policy for the school year. Students will not be permitted to use their phones or mobile devices during school hours to help retain focus in the classroom.

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