Mayoral candidate Emily Larson concedes to Roger Reinert

Mayor Emily Larson discusses next steps after 2023 election

Mayor Emily Larson lost the 2023 election to Roger Reinert and now hopes for a smooth transition into the next administration.

Emily Larson’s run as Mayor has officially come to an end with the outcome she was not hoping for. During her watch party at Bent Paddle, Larson reflecting on her last two terms as mayor.

After 8 years as Duluth’s mayor, Emily Larson gave words of encouragement and her hopes for the future of Duluth during her concession speech. Reflecting on her time, she says “we made difficult decisions and I’d make them again. We put people at the center of how and we never lost sight of the why.”

Emily Larson says though the challenges she faced throughout her two terms were tough that they were necessary for Duluth’s growth.

“We committed to supporting economic growth and development and eight years later we’re in our fourth record year of business investment and Duluth has not ever been stronger economically. We committed to fixing Duluth’s decaying infrastructure by 850%,” said Larson.

Full: Emily Larson concession speech

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson gave her concession speech at the watch party at Bent Paddle, Larson reflecting on her last two terms as mayor.

She added that through past work, the city’s municipal greenhouse gas emissions by 32%. “We’re a national leader now and that feels really good.”

Larson says “this campaign is over and that’s okay. I have yet to talk to Roger but I will sincerely say that I wish him well. This is a very difficult job and although we competed fiercely we want him to succeed because that’s important for all of us.”

Though the race is over, Larson spoke to City of Duluth staff saying “we expect everything and you give more.”

As Duluth’s first female mayor, she added how special it has been for her to hold this title. “I may have been the first but I sure will not be the last,” said Larson.

Larson spent the last few minutes of her speech talking directly to women and girls. “One of the things I have enjoyed most about being mayor is having the young girls visit me in my office. Seeing them look over downtown from the mayor’s window and imagining that they too could lead the city and the world. As I have said time and time again to these incredible girls, your time to lead is now and it will always be now.”