Mayor Reinert appoints 2 people to be leaders on the Lester Park Recreation Working Group

Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert has now appointed two community members to be leaders of the Lester Park Recreation Working Group.

The two leaders of the working group will be Tim Meyer and Dennis Isernhagen. Reinert says that their positions will be based in collaboration.

“You know the language again is important. [They’re} co-leading… they’re not chairs, they’re not gatekeepers. Their job, number one, is to recruit.” says The Mayor.

And you can also self-nominate yourself to be considered to work with the group. It’s something Roger Reinert is suggesting. “If you are passionate about a future at Lester, please self nominate yourself to be apart of this effort,” says Roger.

You can find the nomination form by clicking here.

Tim Meyer and Dennis Isernhagen. Lead the group as they tackle three main objectives…
-To discuss and evaluate opportunities for recreation of all kinds for all seasons.
-To evaluate nonprofit and alternative management models.
-And to find a path to some operational golf at Lester park for this summer.