Mayor Larson’s State of the City Address

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Today, Wednesday March 22nd, Mayor Emily Larson delivered her seventh State of the City Address at The West Theatre at 319 Central Avenue in Duluth. Her address highlighted a variety of topics including local projects, economics, and community issues. In the almost hour long speech, Larson gave way into her thoughts on Duluth’s future and what is to come.

“Less than ten percent of our neighborhood parks and recreation facilities are in good condition. And that’s just a fact and here’s a suburb in a matter of decades, decades of despair and reaching back to 1977 took us in just a $155 million deferred purse maintenance hole,” said Larson of the housing and recreation deposits in Duluth.

Larson also made way to say that her and the city’s focus has really been on jobs, new projects, also expansion, licenses, and supporting entrepreneurs and new small businesses.

Mayor Larson also spoke on housing inequity during her speech. Stating the city plans to continue to develop a persistent and smart plan to support safe housing and services for the unhoused. In addition, she spoke to the good things happening in the community in regards to the creation of job infrastructure.

“We implemented community benefit agreements and we exceeded goals creating construction careers for women and people of color,” continued Larson.

“Years of persistent work has led us to progress. And while I have kept at leadership for years, it is our work as a community that has sustained this city. We are making progress and are making a new chapter in Duluth because of you,” finished Larson.

 To check out her full speech click the video above.