Marshall’s TopperBots 4230 qualify for World Championships

Marshall’s TopperBots 4230 qualify for World Championships

Marshall's TopperBots 4230 robotics team, recently won the Northern lights regional, and also qualify for the World Championships taking place in Houston Texas.

The Marshall TopperBots 4230 robotics team hosted the Arrowhead Robotics Coalition practice field from Friday through Saturday March 8th-9th. Not only does this help their team prepare for future competitions, but it also helps other robotics teams practice.

Sherri Ohnsted is the coach of the Marshall’s TopperBots 4230 robotics team. She said when it comes to practice, there’s plenty of trial and error to fix any issues leading up to the World Championships.

“The whole idea behind engineering is that you fix it and you try again. There’s so much of that goes on with building the robot. Debugging it with the code and figuring out, ‘is it hardware, is it software, is it electronics?’ There’s so many different components of it,” Ohnsted said. “The first time you build a robot, it’s not going to work. The first time it probably will fail. But you get to learn how to fix it.”

Ohnsted said robotics provides a great first step for students interested in learning more hands-on stem skills.

“The things that they’re accomplishing now just by growing up with the program” Ohnsted said. “It’s amazing watching that.”

Silvia Galindo, a member of Marshall’s TopperBots 4230 robotics team, said there’s also other lifelong skills other students can learn outside of stem.

“It’s not only building the robot, but there’s a place for anyone in the team,” Galindo said. “If you put the effort into it, like most of the teams are so happy to have you.”

However, before the Marshall’s TopperBots head down to Houston, Texas for the World Championships, they need to get more donations and fundraising.

“We’re looking mostly for donations because going to worlds is a little expensive. We have been reaching out to several companies here in the Duluth area,” Galindo said. “Robotics is an amazing environment, especially this team. We have grown so much and we have such an amazing team dynamic that is just amazing and I’m thankful to be in this team.”

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