Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill someone

On April 27, a 75 year old man was arrested after allegedly threatening to kill someone in Hermantown, after a bus driver noticed an incident and alerted authorities. According to reports Bus 15 at Hermantown Elementary, came upon a dangerous situation involving a gun occurring at a drop off location. The bus driver acted quickly to remove the students from the situation and the police were called.

WDIO received this official statement from Hermantown Schools Superintendent.

“Our driver saw a man standing outside with a gun as he was driving.  He immediately left the area, stopped and called 911.  We sent a notice home to parents in case their child witnessed it also,” Superintendent Wayne Whitwam said in his statement.

Police we’re called to the 4200 block of Timber Ridge Lane, after reports of a person with a gun. It happened just before 4:30 p.m.

The 75-year-old had driven away from the scene, and police followed and arrested him. Police say two firearms were in his possession at the time he was arrested.

Preliminary investigations found that the man used a firearm to threaten to kill someone.

“This was a very fluid and dangerous situation especially because it occurred in a high-traffic area,” said Jim Crace, Hermantown’s Chief of Police.

“More concerning, a Hermantown School bus was in the process of delivering children home after school and drove into the area, but credit the bus driver who acted swiftly and removed the bus and children from the area immediately.”

The man is being held at the St. Louis County jail, and formal charges are being requested for Attempted Second Degree Murder, Second Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Third Degree DWI, and Carrying a Pistol While Intoxicated.

According to the HPD, there is no ongoing threat to the safety of the public following this arrest. The HPD was assisted by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department, Proctor Police Department, Minnesota State Patrol, and Minnesota DNR.

“This incident highlights how dangerous domestic disturbances can be for our officers, and in this case, bystanders and others in the area due to the incident taking place outside, and in a multi-unit housing area,” said Crace.

“We are grateful for the efforts of our officers and the assisting agencies in bringing this situation to a quick, safe closure.”

This is an active investigation.