Madeline Island’s La Pointe files claim against Ashland County

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Madeline Island’s township of La Pointe is filing a notice of circumstantial claim against Ashland County. Ashland County terminated a property tax agreement, which allowed La Pointe, to use a portion of refunded taxes. The refunded taxes would then be used to fund the police department, instead of relying on Ashland County Sheriff’s deputies.

La Pointe’s Town Administrator, Michael Kuchta, further explained the history of the 27-year-old agreement with Ashland County. “Back in the nineties, the county sheriff’s department realized the difficulty… the logistical challenges of having a regular presence on the island. Obviously, you need a ferry to get here or in normal winter years or nice road. It’s very difficult for towns to adjust in that kind of a situation. The only way we can cover that $135,000 debt is to borrow it and to go into debt.” Kuchta said.

Kuchta also said the Sheriff’s deputies would struggle trying to reach La Pointe on Madeline Island. “And so, again, that’s not that doesn’t benefit anybody. We don’t know why they created a problem that didn’t need to be created. We had a partnership that worked. And they blew it up.” Kutcha said.

Ashland County Sheriff Brain Zupke also explained the logistic problems with the county’s decision. “I believe they had four officers over there. Two of them were full time to make that happen. I’m assuming it’d probably be the same. We probably need a couple of deputies to even make the adequate coverage over in La Pointe because of this failed agreement between La Pointe and Ashland County.” Zupke said.

Sheriff Zupke went on to say how the lack of agreement is going to harm the residents of La Pointe. “They need to realize that the citizens deserve better coverage, so hopefully they can have a better solution. But we’re not at that point yet. I guess it’s up to the county to decide that. It involves money and they have to figure that out. If it’s just a matter of weekends, I’ll probably need another deputy or possibly might be able to get away with part time deputy just to cover the weekends.” Zupke said.

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