Local Vietnam war veteran shares his stories

The Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center hosted Capt. (Ret) Tom Blomquist on Tuesday, who shared the story of his experiences pilot in Vietnam. Tom’s story was included in the veteran center’s Vietnam gallery exhibit which is currently on display.

Tom was stationed in Guam, flying on bombing missions to South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. He served as a B-52 Co-pilot and later as a Pilot. Capt. Blomquist was stationed at the U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield, a front-line facility for the US Air Force during the war. During his two tours, he flew a total of 59 weapons runs throughout South Vietnam and Laos, the majority being in Cambodia. During his time overseas, Capt. Blomquist and his crew were also standing on alert with nuclear weapons for any Cold War threats that may arise.  

Capt. Tom Blomquist was raised in Superior WI, and attended the University of Wisconsin Superior, graduating in 1970 with a Master’s degree in political science. After graduation, he went to begin pilot training at Williams Air Force Base in Mesa, Arizona, and B-52 training at Merced Air Force Base.