Local art and gift fairs with over 20 venders at Peace Church

Local art and gift fairs with over 20 venders at Peace Church

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Peace Church held the annual Get Great Stuff local art and gift fair on November 4th. This fair have been going on for over a decade and had more than 25 local artist vendors. 

Wendy Grethen, has been coordinating several local art and gift fairs for the past 15 years, and it helps support local artists. People in the Twin Ports Area can shop for jewelry, pottery, knitted goods, artwork, Duluth calendar, glass, woodworking, and more. 

“Our local art has neat talent. It kind of a combination of passion, talent, work and time,” Grethen said. “People paint a picture of Lake Superior, some make hooks, whatever they feel like making.”

The fairs are held at the Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave. E. from 10am until 3pm. Each fair is unique and has a variety of items for sale that have been made locally. 

“This gives them a place where they can then sell it because they’ve given it to their friends and families and they still have more of it, and then they’re the fairs also are nice community events.”

The next local art and gifts fair is on December 2nd, it’s called the ‘Get It Local Fair’, which features artists from Duluth and Superior. The following fair is ‘Neighbor-Made’, which is happening on December 9th.

Local fairs by wendyupnorth have been being put on since 2007.

Five local art & gift fairs are held each year and some have themes to the fair. Also for other stories happening in Duluth you can read more here.