Loaded gun taken from Superior High School student

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The Superior Police and Superior School District are investigating a incident at the Superior High School on Monday morning. According to a release from the Superior Police Department, a student brought a loaded gun into the school.

Authorities say another student told someone in the administration about the gun and school officials and police immediately took the weapon and the student was removed from campus.

The School District of Superior is investigating and will closely monitor the situation. They say the quick action of the student to report the incident allowed for action to secure the school safety without incident.

Jamie Ivy, a sophomore at Superior High School talked about how the authorities handled the incident. “I don’t know how many times we’ve actually had a person with a firearm like in the building, which was definitely a first for most of us there.” Ivy said. “I feel like the school district definitely set an example today that you can trust them in an incident like this because of just simply the action they took alerting parents and getting him out of there.”

Ivy explained what a lot of students were feeling during the incident. “It started off normal. For the most part, it got up until right before lunchtime. I didn’t find out until I started hearing that parents were getting emails that there was a student with a loaded gun in that the reality star decided.” Ivy said. “The day was pretty hectic because of the whole situation. I noticed a lot of seniors were leaving. I don’t blame them either. A situation like that, it’s hard to focus on anything else other than that.”

Students in superior learn the “if you see something, say something” policy. They’re encouraged to let an adult know right away about anything dangerous to the safety and well-being of everyone. “This is going to be one of the main things that are on students minds. I think because of the situation today, we can at least be assured that they’re looking out for us and we’ll in our prepared in a situation like that.” Ivy said.

When asked whether or not more precautions should be implemented, Ivy disagreed. “I’m not really into like metal detectors or armed teachers, but I feel like one of the big steps already is taking action as quickly as possible. I’m just glad that nothing bad really did happen.” Ivy said, “That appropriate action was taken and that no one was actually hurt. I feel like there’s more trust in the district now from that from this situation alone.”

Superior Police say the matter has been resolved, and there wasn’t any danger to our students.

District Administrator Amy Starzecki sent the following message to parents:

We want to share an important update with families regarding a serious situation that occurred at SHS today. Earlier this morning, a student brought a loaded gun into the building. A student made a report to the school’s administration. Administrators and the Superior Police Department took immediate action to secure the weapon and remove the student from campus.

The School District of Superior is thoroughly investigating and will closely monitor the situation. 

The student’s quick action to report the situation and the school administration’s fast response with SPD ensured immediate school safety. We continue to teach our students if they “See Something, Say Something.” This program is a critical aspect of school safety. The school and this administration are taking every precaution to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen in the future.

This is a developing story and WDIO News will update as more details are released.