Lizzo sends love to the Twin Cities after hearing about ‘Blizzo’ the snowplow

Sunday, Grammy winning singer Lizzo gave a shout out to the Twin Cities after learning about the recently named snowplow “Blizzo”.

“Blizzo” was one of the winning names of the 2023 Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Name a Snowplow Contest.

In a video on Twitter, Lizzo says, “Of all the awards I have received this by far is the highest honor. To know that there is a snowplow named “Blizzo” That is clearing the streets of the Twin Cities makes my heart melt, or freeze.”

MnDOT says more than 64,000 voters cast a ballot in the contest, and one newly named snowplow was assigned to each of MnDOT’s eight districts.

The top three included:

  • Yer a Blizzard, Harry – District 8 (Southwest Minnesota)
  • Blizzo – Metro District (Twin Cities)
  • Clearopathtra – District 1 (Northeast Minnesota)

You can find the full list of names here.