Lincoln Park Flats: Second floor to be converted to Hotel, residents asked to move out

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Second floor tenants of the Lincoln Park Flats have less than sixty days to move out following a new development from the management. Opened almost a year ago as a residential apartment only, part of the building is now being converted into a boutique hotel.

Finding new and modern housing in the Twin Port area can be challenging which is why affected residents are disappointed and unhappy about moving out as soon as their lease expiries with no option to renew.

We caught up with one of the affected tenant Grace Gady, who says it was a shocking news.

“So it was very shocking, I will say, was the initial feeling of it. I think it would have been worth mentioning right when they first opened the apartment complex, because they would have mentioned, Hey, this first year is just kind of going to be a trial run. Then I think all of us would have been a lot more understanding and would have not came as such a shock to us.”

Grace also said she was hoping to keep her apartment but with this new development she would rather move out of the city of Duluth.

“They did mention if we wanted to resign, we could take one of the third or fourth floor units. But the problem with those is their price, because I believe the third and fourth floor units hold the one bedroom and the two bedrooms, whereas I’m pretty sure the second floor, a lot of those are either one bedroom or studios. So like I took the second floor because I was just looking for a studio a little on the cheaper side. So they kind of took those out of the picture. So I personally am just moving out of the city”

The company managing the apartment building says

“P&R Properties is converting the second floor of our Lincoln Park Flats into a boutique hotel, very similar to Enger Lofts which is also located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. We have been working with the tenants that wish to stay at Lincoln Park Flats to accommodate their move to upper floors. We have also given tenants more than the standard 60-day notice for this conversion to allow for any accommodation changes.”

We also reached out to the City of Duluth Public Information Officer, Kelli Latuska for comments and she says the developer is working within the terms of the development agreement.