Last night of Bentleyville Tour of Lights before tear down begins

Last night of Bentleyville Tour of Lights before tear down begins

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December 26th is the last night of Bentleyville. It takes a lot of work to bring the holiday spectacular together for two months. However, the need for volunteers continues as tomorrow is the beginning of tear down.

Nathan Bentley, the Executive Director of Bentleyville the Tour of Lights, said there have been people signing up to volunteer. Although after a string of no-call-no-shows, not only does it impact Bentleyville during the holiday season, it can delay the tear down.

“We’re hoping the community will come out. We’re going to have great weather it looks like, for the rest of the week,” Bentley said. “For organizers, we’re really excited, we didn’t have any snow, because it’s going to be great for tear down starting tomorrow.”

Bentley said folks are encouraged to sign up online if they want to volunteer for the tear down. Also they can show up at Bayfront park to lend a hand.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to see a lot of people every single day from 8:30am to 4pm. We feed all of our volunteers,” Bentley said. “We’ve always got donuts, coffee, pop, and water. Then lunch at around noon from one of our favorite restaurants in Duluth.”

Bentley also said everyone of any skill is welcome to pitch in and help, like high school seniors looking for community service opportunities.

“Even if you’re not a person that says, ‘I really can’t get out and be mobile,’ come sit on a bench and wrap up extension cards for us. We need to put a zip tie around every single one of our 12,000 extension cords. So we have a job for everybody down there.”

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