Last minute holiday shopping at small businesses before Christmas

Last minute holiday shopping at small businesses before Christmas

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When it comes to last minute holiday shopping it can be difficult trying to find the perfect gift. Within a few hours only a handful of businesses are opened for people to get last minute gifts.

Michael Moores, the supervisor at Goat Hill Marketplace, said with the lack of snow it doesn’t feel like Christmas. However, more and more people have still been shopping this holiday season.

“It’s been really great to see the Lincoln Park area doing well over here. The community has been making business pretty great,” Moores said. “We’re always getting new stuff all the time. It seems like every week the store has different things. We’ve gotten a lot of imported food, Asian food recently, and that’s been selling great.”

Not only have local shops like Goat Hill Marketplace have done well this warm December, but also Scandinavian North down in Canal Park.

Daniel Hack, the store manager of the Duluth location of Scandinavian North, said business has been busier than expected.

“We’ve always have the busy tourist season in the summer,” Hack said. “Obviously no snow this year it makes it quite a bit different. It encourages people to come down a little bit more. It’s easier for locals with less tourists, and a lot of people are doing their Christmas shopping down here.”

This holiday shopping season has also done wonders for Wine Seller Winery, an up-and-coming businesses over in Superior.

Jodie Hansen, the owner of Wine Seller Winery, recently opened in November. She said there are plans to extend business hours and even expand the business.

“It’s been a great opportunity to meet local residents where we’re seeing a lot of tourists come through,” Hansen said. “Because we are a relatively new business. We have been making an effort to get to know the other small businesses in the area. One wonderful thing about owning a small business so is superior is everybody is looking to help each other out.”

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