Lake Superior Zoo’s Red Panda is on exhibit

Lake Superior Zoo introduces Red Panda

The Lake Superior Zoo has introduced Zoozee, its new red panda and the only red panda in Minnesota.

The Lake Superior Zoo first ever Red Panda, named Zoozee, is now on exhibit. In fact, she is the only red panda at an accredited facility in Minnesota. She arrived in Duluth April 8 from the Kansas City Zoo where she was born.

Her new habitat in the center of the zoo’s grounds and is the first new structure built at the zoo in decades.

Zoozee was being housed at the Willard Munger Animal Care Center, finishing a quarantine and adjustment period.

The zoo says they decided to bring this animal too the zoo back in Spring of 2022. Especially because red pandas are resilient in the Winter climate.

Red pandas are native to high-altitude, temperate forests with bamboo understories in the Himalayas and other high mountains. They are carnivores, but 95% of their diet is made up of bamboo. They have a soft dense woolly undercoat with long guard hairs. Their long bushy tails help them maintain balance when climbing and protect them from harsh cold and winds. They are built to live in a climate similar to our winters, making them a perfect species that Zoo guests can visit and enjoy year-round.

Zoozee is one of the few residents with an airconditioned portion of her habitat. That way she’ll be able to cool off as needed.

Zoozee is also part of the Species Survival Plan as Red Pandas are critically endangered. Part of the program, the zoo is expecting a companion for her in the Fall.