Lady’s Slipper transplanted at Brighton Beach for restoration plan

Lady’s Slipper, has been Minnesota’s state flower, ever since 1902. Minnesota continues to protect it dating back to 1925. It is important to keep in mind, that picking, uprooting and unearthing the Lady’s Slipper is illegal on Federal property.

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Brighton Beach’s restoration plan, includes the transplanting of vegetation and other plants away from Lake Superior. The relocated plants are trees like North Shore Spruce-Fir and White Cedar, and shrubs like Juneberry and Dogwood.

Volunteers came to Kitchi Gammi park and helped transplant one hundred yellow Lady’s Slipper. Representatives from Friends of the Lakewalk and Friends of the Parks, helped along with other Duluth residents.

The Lady’s Slipper, actually takes a long time to grow taking usually sixteen years for flowers to bloom. The flower, is also able to live up to 50 years, and can even grow up to four feet tall.

The Friends of the Lakewalk, is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and improving the Duluth’s Lakewalk. The organizations supports the Lakewalk through advocacy, trail cleanup and maintenance; and developing amenities.

The Friends of the Lakewalk would like to see completion of the Lakewalk from the Lift bridge to Brighton Beach, and improve the condition and safety of the Lakewalk. To find out more you can look at their website at