Celebrating a snowless Christmas

Throughout the final weeks of 2023, there’s been little if any typical winter weather seen throughout December. However, the lack of snow is concerning for some residents after seeing this brown Christmas.

Eloise Moeich, a resident from Cloquet, spent part of her Christmas walking throughout Canal Park with her family.

“This morning we opened presents. Then we decided to come here and go for a walk and see the weather, see the waves.”

Moeich said the lack of snow is concerning, especially when comparing this year’s Christmas to last year’s.

“It’s strange to be in Minnesota and see one year being freezing to this year being no snow,” Moeich said. “It does kind of scare me for the future. There’s no snow right now, but my siblings, they play hockey, and they’ve been playing inside.”

Mitchell Root was also spending Christmas out and about with his family in Canal Park visiting family in the Northland.

“I lived here pretty much all my life, I moved with my wife down to Saint. Paul and coming back here for Christmas. But coming home to not a white Christmas was a surprise, actually.”

Some winter events in the Northland have been canceled or postponed. However, Root said the lack of snow hasn’t impacted his family’s winter plans.

“Actually, we got [our son] involved in wrestling, so we’re indoors right now, it’s good we don’t have to shovel. Not much to complain about really. I would like to say next year I just want to see some fluffy snow and have the kids be out.”

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