Hermantown couple creates KidsBoard, which is aimed at helping families who are dining out

KidsBoard designed to help families eating out

A Hermantown couple has launched KidsBoard to help families who are out at restaurants.

A Hermantown couple is proud to be launching their new product designed to help families eating out.

It’s called KidsBoard, and is an Epicurean cutting board, cutter, and machine washable bag combo.

Krystal and Bryan Hanson have two young girls. The idea was born after they got frustrated trying to cut their kids’ food while out at restaurants.

Krystal told us, “We always joked we wanted to create something safer, instead of bringing a knife in the diaper bag. So we took our idea to Epicurean, and they made the prototype of the cutter to go with their board.”

Pizza is something that families often enjoy, but can be difficult to cut with a butter knife.

“So then you’re asking the staff for a pizza cutter. This is a nice alternative product. And it be helpful for those with special needs or don’t feel comfortable using a sharp knife,” Bryan added.

Vitta Pizza on Central Entrance is the first restaurant in the region to offer KidsBoard. The Hansons hope other places want one as well.

Epicurean is making the first batch right now.

To order yours for $49, click here: https://kidsboardusa.com/