Juveniles arrested for shots-fired in Pike Bay Township

Two juveniles have been arrested after firing shots at a vehicle driving by.

Cass County officials were called to the area of 164th St. NW in Pike Bay Township, a rural part of Cass Lake. When crews arrived, they encountered two juvenile male victims and their families.

The two men were driving in a vehilc on 164th St. NW, driving by two juvenile males in the road. Reports say they fired several rounds of their weapon, striking the vehicle. No injuries were reported from the weapon fire.

Law enforcement went on a search for the two suspects, who reportedly fled on foot. Numerous officers, a K9 team, drones, ATVs and snowmobiles were used to locate the suspects, who were taken into custody without incident. Weapons were recovered.

During the incident, several nearby Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Offices and facilities, the Cass Lake Indian Health Services and educational facilities were advised of the situation. They put lockdown procedures in place until the situation was resolved.

The investigation remains ongoing.