Jewish community members shocked and saddened over Hamas attack on Israel

Jewish Community Reacts to Hamas Attack in Israel

Jewish people in the Northland are praying for loved ones who live in Israel and others impacted by the Hamas attack.

Shock and sadness and worry are reactions for many in the Jewish community after the Hamas attack on Israel this weekend.

Jack Seiler, a board member of Temple Israel, told us, “We are definitely in shock. These are horrific acts that we are trying to process. We stand in solidarity, of course, with our brethren in Israel. We’re hoping and praying for our leadership to have the strength and the courage and the knowledge to do whatever is necessary to hopefully rectify this horrific action and bring peace about.”

He added that many people have relatives in Israel. “It hits home to just about everyone in the Jewish community. Israel is our home and our heart. After the United States, we always think of Israel.”

He took part in a national webinar of other Jewish congregations on Monday.

“Our people have always had a lot of hope. We’ve had a lot of adversity. And hope is always what’s gotten us through,” Seiler said.

Rabbi Mendy Ross from Chabad Duluth, spoke to us over the phone on Monday, “Obviously we are devastated by the news coming out of Israel. It’s tough to even fathom. Our response is three things. 1) Prayer 2) Torah study 3) Charity. We can do good deeds and our good deeds have a spiritual effect on those on the front lines and those who are fighting for their lives,” he said.

He added that he and his wife are here if anyone needs to talk.