Jehovah’s Witnesses resume door to door ministry

After about a two and a half year hiatus, Jehovah’s Witnesses are back to performing door to door ministry.

They say schedules could vary due to the volunteers, but they aim to have a Monday-Sunday schedule.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, both in the Northland and across the country are retuning for the first time since 2020 and say they are even willing to accommodate to wearing a mask for those who have COVID-19 concerns.

We spoke to Dustin Peterson who is a Duluth volunteer focused on bringing there messages to more areas in the community. Saying, “We’re engaging in the door to door ministry at various times as well as at different public locations in Duluth.”

As they are excited to return, they wanted to also spread a message of positivity as well. Sammy Peterson says, “just to remind people, that we are there to be friendly, to be positive, and also to be respectful.”