Janet Kennedy elected to lead Duluth City Council

After a unanimous vote, Janet Kennedy has been elected to lead the Duluth City Council. This is the first time in the City’s history that a woman of African American Heritage holds the position of Council President.

“This is an historic time for all Duluthians and this election lifts up the voices of our African American community that has supported me throughout the years,” said Council President Janet Kennedy in an announcement from the City. “I am honored my council colleagues have chosen me to serve and lead as the Duluth City Council President and the first African American to serve in this role.

Outgoing Council President Arik Forsman called for the nomination of a new Council President at a meeting. Councilor Noah Hobbs offering the nomination of Fifth District Councilor Kennedy.

“It was my privilege to turn over the Duluth Council President gavel to Janet Kennedy at our first meeting of 2023,” shared outgoing Council President Forsman. “The opportunity to serve on the council leadership team the past two years with our first female Council President of Native American heritage and now our first female Council President of African American heritage was quite an honor. I’m proud our council was productive, low-drama, and people-focused during those two years, and I look forward to working with all of my colleagues in the year ahead.”

Duluth City Council leadership terms are one year and run January to December.