Jamboree event at Rock Ridge aimed at closing the gap between education and industry

Industry leaders spent time learning about Rock Ridge shops programs.

An industry jamboree at Rock Ridge gave leaders in industry a chance to see how students are learning in the new space.

Rock Ridge High School hosted the 2nd Annual Arrowhead Manufacturers & Fabricators Association CTE Jamboree on Tuesday.

This is aimed at closing the gap between education and industry.

Leaders were able to tour the state of the art tech spaces at the new school. They also heard from students themselves about what it’s like to learn in this environment.

Students in the CTE classes helped build structures at the new ballfields.

Eli Bird, a sophomore, said, “I helped build the dugout this year. It’s been a whole lot of fun.”

Another student, Erik Panyan, said, “There are job opportunities out there too. And there are speakers who come in. Pohaki came in to tell us about the position they have in their lumber yard.”

They can choose from offerings like intro to mining, mechanics, and home maintenance, just to name a few.

Willie Spelts, the Director of School to Work Coordinator for Rock Ridge, said, “Today was all about introductions. Getting them into our space, and now we can see events that we could plan, and have kids get on site there as well.”