Iron Range veteran helping Warrior Brewery in their time of need

Iron Range veteran helping Warrior Brewery in their time of need

Steve Biondich, an Iron Range veteran from Biwabik is looking to help Warrior Brewery in their time of need with setting up a GoFundMe.

Warrior Brewing in the Craft District is struggling with finding a new owner or partner. However, an Iron Range veteran is helping Warrior Brewing in their time of need.

Steve Biondich, the Iron Range veteran from Biwabik, is helping Warrior Brewing with online fundraising. He said his American Legion Post got involved with making a beer wants to help the veteran owned brewery.

“I never had a clue in actually how to brew it. So it was great to learn that part of it. Warrior was able to introduce me to that. Not just me but other members of our post and auxiliary as well,” Biondich said.

When Biondich heard the troubling news that Warrior Brewing could potentially close in April, he wanted to take action.

“I don’t have the money and I don’t have the time to get into the brewery business. But I thought to myself, ‘Geez, how can I how can I help these guys?’ So I decided, ‘Hey, I’m going to launch a GoFundMe,’ and just see if we can help,” Biondich said. “They’ve gone through some hard times. If we can just help them out and continue the brewery along. Or we can at least help facilitate a sale to be able to continue the mission of helping nonprofits.”

Warrior Brewing’s unique mission involves local non-profits that support veterans, by inviting them to collaborate and make a signature beer. Then a portion of the proceeds from the beer is given back to the non-profit. Matt Caple, the co-owner of the brewery, said they are actively searching for a new owner or business partner to continue the brewery’s operations and mission.

“I myself work three jobs outside of this brewery. So it puts a heavy burden, financially and labor wise, on top of the remaining people that are involved here,” Caple said. “We need to either find a new partner to come in and assist with the program to keep the mission going. Or transition away from it and find a new ownership entirely. So that they can kind of take the torch and run with it as best they can.”

Caple says he hopes someone can continue warrior brewing’s mission for serving the men and women who served our nation.

“I really care deeply about what we do here and the people that we take care of and the organizations that we support. Anybody that comes in that wants to take this mission and run with it, I applaud them,” Caple said. “I’m looking forward to seeing this thing grow and what I truly can be. And I’m keeping I’m keeping the faith right now.”

As Warrior Brewing finds a way to continues their operations, they still are looking to help veterans. This weekend, Warrior Brewing is hosting a fundraising event for the Lake Superior Warriors, a Disabled Military Hockey team.

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