Iron Range man admits to smoking marijuana before fatal crash

An Iron Range man admitted to smoking marijuana before getting into a car crash that killed one person- and injured others back in October.

David Kevin Medicine, 43 of Virgina, pleaded guilty last week to vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated. His license was suspended about 20 years ago.

According to court documents, Medicine was traveling at or above the speed limit on Highway 169 between Fireweed Road and County Road 21 in Wouri Township when he hit a truck that was stopped.

Troopers responded and noticed signs of impairment in the driver. Medicine first admitted to having two shots of alcohol about and hour and half early. However, his preliminary breath test came in at 0.009, below the legal limit.

The driver of the truck received a “banged up left arm, scuff marks on his back, and a bad headache.

Medicine’s backseat passenger died of injuries related to the crash. His front seat passenger told officers her stomach, knees, and chest hurt.

The injured passenger of the vehicle admitted she had been smoking marijuana with the driver.

Troopers then found drug paraphernalia in the car, including a baggie of cannabis, a grinder, and pipe.

A trooper took at statement from someone in the vehicle that Medicine had passed- saying that no brake lights came on before the crash.

Medicine’s sentencing date is scheduled for February 5, 2024.