International Students at Marshall School try White Water Rafting

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Marshall School’s International program has been going on since 2006. In that time more than 400 students from abroad have experienced what the Northland has to offer. This year, 40 International students at Marshall tried white water rafting for the first time.

Bettina Keppers, the Marshall School Director of Residential Life said the International Students at Marshall are excited to go out and explore Duluth. “We created the ambassador program for our international students as a way to build friendships leading up to the school year.” Keppers said. “To help kind of with acclimation in the classroom, getting to know Duluth and their community members.”

Keppers said the International Students at Marshall do five or six a week around Duluth. “We’re trying to get them outdoors a lot, especially when the weather is nice hiking, biking. We go through everything from Gooseberry falls to Mall of America.”

Gwen Chilcote and Sophia Weyrauch, Marshall students in the Ambassador program, said they wrote to the International Students as pen pals before they arrived for the school year. “This is the first time we’re actually meeting them because they just came in.” Chilcote said. “And we’ve been texting them throughout the summer and getting to know them more.” Weyrauch said.

Chilcote said she’s excited to show the International Students the different sights and sounds of downtown Duluth. “We’re really guiding them around. We got to show them the school, so it’ll be easy to get the gist. And maybe for next year, an ambassador again, it’ll be more experience.” Chilcote said.

Hoang “Teddy” Nguyen, one of the International Students at Marshall, said the white water rafting might be a bit scary, but also exciting. “It’s going to be kind of tough for me,” Nguyen said. “I’m scared, but honestly, I have done some paddle boarding in Vietnam and rowing just saw small rivers kind of similar to rafting. But, it’s going to be a huge experience for me.”

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