Inflation cause higher prices for 2022 deer season opener

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Inflation continues to be an issue with costs of every day items becoming more expensive. On Friday, Fleet Farm had their annual Orange Friday event to help provide hunters supplies for the deer season opener. Despite the deals and discounts, the inflated price of one main component in hunting was significant, the ammunition.

There are a couple reasons for the higher inflation with ammo. First, supply chain issues due to the pandemic. According to the data from, the average cost of ammo would have been 0.18 cents per round before COVID, and is currently about 0.28 cents, an increase of about 56%.

Aaron Anderson, the general manager at the Hermantown Fleet Farm explained how they have struggled with inflation.

“There has been obviously some price increases. We try to minimize that with partnering up with new vendors and making sure that we have a good stock and a good inventory on hand for the families.” Anderson said.

Hunters were relieved to hear that Minnesota’s DNR lifted the partial ban on lead ammunition for the deer season opener. The partial ban was to limit hunting with lead bullets on certain public land.

“So we do have that ammo as an alternative sale to those that don’t want to shoot lead. We are seeing more people requesting that non lead ammo to use that throughout their hunting season.” Anderson said.

Even though the partial lift of the ban helped with the harmful effects of inflation, this is only a temporary measure. Non-lead ammunition is not as common in ammo manufacturing compared to lead ammunitions.

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