Individual arrested in Duluth for 3rd degree murder

The Duluth Police Department arrested an individual Wednesday pending charges for 3rd degree murder and 3rd degree sale of controlled substance.

This is the result of an investigation for a fatal overdose that occurred on June 18 at the 700 block of E 5th St.

“A blue M30 pill and a baggie with crushed blue powder were located and seized, and it was determined the pill and powder contained traces of fentanyl,” explained Mattie Hjelseth, the Duluth Police Department Public Information Officer. “An autopsy was done on the 18-year-old female, and it revealed that her death was attributed to fentanyl toxicity. Officers investigated her death and determined (name redacted pending charges) delivered the pills to the individual the evening before her death.”

The police department stated the suspect is also believed to have been selling to multiple other individuals throughout Duluth.