Ice Climbing at Quarry Park with the Duluth Climbing Coalition

Ice Climbing at Quarry Park with the Duluth Climbing Coalition

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Many winter events are being canceled left and right due to lack or snow or warm temperatures. Although the Duluth Climbing Coalition held their first outdoor climbing event of the season at Quarry Park.

Taylor Krosbakken with the Duluth Climbing Coalition said the ice climb was possible this year because of a unique irrigation system.

“For the past several years, the Climate Coalition has been working on our ice farming system,” Krosbakken said. “Which involves, trenched pipes that go from our pumphouse down there all the way to the top of the cliff. As you can see behind me here, we have some lower angle ice that is part of our farming system, and that is better for beginners.”

When it comes to ice climbing it can be pretty hit or miss depending on the season. Al Weiberg, the owner of Midwest Mountain Guides, said the ice climb in Duluth is a great opportunity for people new to climbing.

“These are all instructors and professional guides that work for Midwest Mountain Guides. Our biggest philosophy here is to teach people all about climbing,” Weiberg said. “These clinics are educational. So we want to give people that experience.”

However, with the warm winter weather, Weiberg said there might not be too much ice climbing this season.

“Hats off to the DCC and the ice farming community that helped get water on here and make ice. They did a fantastic job.” Weiberg said. “If we don’t get some colder weather, ice climbing is going to be kind of short this year. But that means rock climbing can start sooner.”

The Duluth Climbing Coalition will be having their summer climb Flock to the Rock at Ely’s Peak later this summer. For more information about Ice Climbing with the Duluth Climbing Coalition you can look here. Also for other stories about the outdoors you can read more here.