Hunters across the Northland are excited about the deer hunting season

Hunters at Fleet Farm excited about start of the season

A stop by Fleet Farm on the Friday before the deer opener in Minnesota.

An early morning at Fleet Farm, with the doors opening at 6am. They gave away 500 free hats in just a few hours on Friday.

“It’s been busy all week. People are picking up gear and ammo,” the store manager, Arlee Friederichs, told us. “Everybody’s hyped up, and sharing their deer stories,” she added.

She’s also excited to go out and hunt. “We’ve had the game cameras out, and we’re watching.”

Kyle Csomos, from Carlton, was looking for a new jacket, since his old one broke. “For me, it’s about the meat, and for being outdoors.”

Another hunter, Nate Mertes, was heading up north near the Cook area. “I’m feeling good. It looks like the weather’s going to be nice and I’m really excited to see what’s out in the woods.”

Hunters share what they love about deer opener

Hunters love the outdoors, and that fuels their excitement for deer season.