How to keep your pets calm during Fourth of July fireworks

While barbecues and fireworks combine to make Fourth of July summer fun for humans, it’s traditionally the most dangerous time of the year for pets.

Nearly one-in-five lost pets go missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises, according to the ASPCA.

Dr. Erin Hoff with Blaine Central Veterinary Clinic says “It’s the most dangerous time for dogs.”

Hoff has some tips to protect your dog during the holiday: First, get them plenty of exercise.

“If they’re exhausted, if they’re sleepy, they’re not as worried about what’s going on,” Hoff said. 

You should provide a safe space for our dog.

“Setting up an area with their favorite blanket or a bed, playing soothing music or a TV.”

Owners can distract their dogs with high-value treats.

“Peanut butter or chicken or anything like that really gets them focused and puts their attention on something other than the scary things happening,” Hoff said.

Consider buying an anti-anxiety wrap.

“It works by putting pressure around the dog’s mid-section and that feeling of compression, kind of like a hug for us makes us feel safer.”

Make sure your dog has proper identification.

“If they do run away, if they do bolt out the door or take off down the street make sure they have a collar with identification,” Dr. Hoff said.

Another tip is to microchip your pet. It will help get your pet back to you in the chance they take off and lose their collar.