Veterans and guardians need to have a military ID, REAL ID, or other documentation for Honor Flight Northland

Honor Flight Northland is coming up on May 13th again. But veterans and guardians need to bring certain IDs with to board the plane.

Starting May 3rd, per TSA regulations, you’ll need additional identification like a passport, passport card, enhanced driver’s license, or REAL ID to fly domestically.

There are other options, like a Department of Defense ID card and Veteran Health Identification Card. Many veterans may have those already.

Honor Flight has a waiting list of veterans who want to go on this flight. They are still accepting applications, with WWII and Korean veterans getting first priority. Veterans will be notified in late February or early March, if they are selected.

“It’s the most amazing day. You’re laughing. You’re crying,” shared Karin Swor, a board member of Honor Flight Northland.

They take about 100 veterans and 100 guardians each flight. There have been 13 already.

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