Homegrown’s week long festival supporting the local economy

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The Homegrown Music Festival continues to be one of Duluth’s biggest events in the late spring that gathers thousands to the Twin Ports.

And that revenue stream really contributes to the economy as well. Duluth Chamber of Commerce President, Matt Baumgartner says, “With a restaurant or bar that might normally do a thousand dollars in sales on a normal night, at this time of year they would see ten thousand dollars in revenue on a night.”

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The Homegrown Music Festival is also a time when venues get prepared for the summer. The revenue gained from the week helps them in their efforts. “It makes it really really important for these businesses as their gear up for their summer season,” says Baumgartner.

Homegrown is also turning 25 years old this year. The music festival originally started with just a few bands on a couple day, now it’s grown to multiple venues and tons of bands.

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The spaces have also grown with the times. Melissa LaTour says, “There’s been a lot of growth in capacity at a lot of places. So in the past where we’ve had lines go around the block and people not being able to get in or wait in line, it’s a little easier because they can say ‘oh I can go to venues down and support them.’ and still support the music festival.