Historic Gordon gas station saved from demolition

Historic Gordon gas station saved

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A historic gas station is Gordon, Wisc. has found a new home in the center of town.

The garage was a catalog order from the 1930s, and the Gordon-Wascott Historical says they moved it to save it from demolition.

Now that it’s in its new spot- it will become the ‘Gordon Station’- an ice cream parlor and gift shop.

Julie Phelps is leading the effort, “In the spring they (ICO) approached our friend and they said they would donate the building to whoever would want the expense- or to deal with it.”

“So, my husband and I talked it over, and we decided it was really good for me to do now that I’m retired.”

Julie hopes to make the location a historical marker- because this is the onlu building like it still standing.

The catalog was of the Butler Manufacturing Co. and featured the “Butler Boulevard” line of streamline modern gas stations and diners.   The Band Box Diner in Minneapolis is the last of the diners, and this is the last of the gas stations.

A Superior woman says the building also has some family history in it as well. The building belonged to Barb Parentaeu’s uncle, “As kids we were out here all the time.”

Barb also says now that the building is saved she plans to bring her family around for a picnic.