Woman charged with mail theft

A woman has been charged with mail theft, after taking a political flyer from someone’s mailbox.

Hibbing authorities say on October 16, they were notified by a resident that a woman was seen the day before taking a political flyer from the mailbox, caught on the home’s video security system. The woman was later identified as Lisa Linnea Fitzpatrick. Police say the homeowner shared the security video with police, and on social media.

The home security video allegedly shows Fitzpatrick placing a political flyer in the mailbox, taking out a different political flyer from the same mailbox, put into her shoulder bag, and Fitzpatrick left the residence.

Throughout their investigation, Hibbing Police learned Fitzpatrick was a volunteer, distributing campaign information on October 15. HPD say they learned Fitzpatrick was spoken to about the situation with a campain member after seeing the home security video on social media.

Police say Fitzpatrick has admitted she took a flyer from that mailbox.

Fitzpatrick has been charged with Mail Theft-Intentionally Removes Mail from Depository without Claim of right, and faces three years in prison or a $5,000 fine, or both.