Hermantown teachers host informational picket amid contract negotiations

Saturday, Teachers in Hermantown gathered outside of the Hermantown Arena to host an informational picket for the public.

This all happening as they are currently negotiating their contacts with the school board. They say some of their main points they are trying to sort out are pay increases and benefits.

Third grade teacher Brent Chouanard-Nguyen “So currently, the district has given us 3.2, five and 3% over the year one in year two. We’re hoping for more than that. Our most recent ask, we were at six and a half and five and a half. So just trying to come to an agreement between the district and us. But the most important thing is the family insurance contributions.”

Hermantown schools said, “At Hermantown Community Schools, we provide an inspiring education for each student we serve. That is possible because of our staff, who are among the very best in the state. For that reason, our goal in contract negotiations is to offer competitive and responsible contracts that attract and retain the best possible talent and empower them to fulfill our district mission of supporting and preparing all learners to create their own future.”