Harvest Festival helping people think locally and sustainably

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When it comes to being more sustainable finding out how to reduce your carbon footprint can be a bit challenging,. Although events like the Harvest Festival had people from all over, learn how to be a little more green.

Michael McKenna, with Smiling Son Pottery, said that Harvest Festival is a great way to bring people together who care about ecological conservation. “We have so many friends that care about the environment,” McKenna said. “It’s just nice to be here at an event like this to share and learn more with like minded people and meet kind of like our family and people here in Duluth.”

The Harvest Festival has been going on for 29 years, and in that time the event prides itself on being nearly waste free. “They’re becoming a zero waste event, which takes time,” McKenna said. “We have a successful zero waste event over in Washburn called Dandelion Days and and it’s a music art and ecology festival over there. And this is similar in some ways. The alternative energy park is a real nice part of this whole event.”

One of the main attractions at this year’s Harvest Festival included people learning about electrical vehicles. Trevor Roy, a spokesperson with Great River Energy said the E.V.’s are becoming more widely adapted. “We have electric vehicles here. But we also have an electric kayak. We also have commercial grade electric lawnmowers,” Roy said. “This really is an emerging market of battery powered electricity powered vehicles and yard implements as drivers.”

The Harvest Festival gives residents of the Northland a better appreciation for local farmer’s markets. In addition the festival highlights local arts and crafts vendors who use sustainable materials.

Lea Rolfsen, the owner of Lea’s Organic Skin Care, said the Harvest Festival is a great step in the direction for helping the environment. “People really want to make changes and this is a good encouragement,” Rolfsen said. “When you come here see all the people that really want to take care of our planet. Think about future generations, that also want to be the planet for our kids and grandkids, and not just here and now.”

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