Groundbreaking ceremony in McGregor for disabled veterans

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A place for disabled veterans and veterans is on the horizon in McGregor.

On Sunday, August 14, 2022, people celebrated the groundbreaking of phase three of five of the new facility to come; a rifle, pistol, and archery range.

“I wanted to build a range in memory of Chuck, and we formed a team. She said on one condition, and that is if I can be part of it, me and my family, we are in,” said Bret Sample, the President and Executive Director of Forgotten Heroes Range & Retreat.

“Chuck his dream was to have a place to hunt and fish, and mine was to teach weapons and have a gun range. So, we combine the two dreams and memory of one in honor of all who served.”

Sample stated how the Forgotten Heroes Range and Retreat is owned by veterans and for disabled veterans and veterans.

As this project goes through its completion phases, WDIO asked Vice-president, Operations Director, and Secretary of Forgotten Heroes Range and Retreat, Brenda Evancevich, what this facility means to her and her family as it will provide opportunities to disable veterans like her late husband.

“To know that another person does not have to go through the suffering and everything that my husband went through to feel like life was just passing him by like he was sitting here waiting to die. It means the world to me! I do not want to see anybody go through what he went through. When he said that he would like to build the range in memory of my husband, it hit me deep!”

“This is not just helping one person, it is helping an entire area. I mean, the entire state, we are never going to turn people away. One thing I will say about being handicapped is it is very expensive, and it is so draining financially. So, we are offering this free of charge to anybody who comes here,” says Evancevich.

Along with the groundbreaking at the ceremony, there was another unveiling. An area, people can plant a tree in honor of someone that has served in the military or plant a tree in honor of anyone they would like.

Tony and Paulette Sheda, who attend the ceremony, planted the first tree in honor of their son, Sgt. Adam Sheda.
“It is an honor for us to plant this tree,” said Paulette Sheda.

The organizers say they hope to have the rifle, pistol, and archery range completed by April of 2023.

If you would like to support and donate, you can visit the Forgotten Heroes Range and Retreat website.