Grandma’s Marathon runners feel love and support from spectators

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Over 20,000 people signed up for Grandma’s marathon weekend. During the race, Grandma’s Marathon runners felt the love and support from the Northland. Running over 26 miles is easier said that done, but with cheers from friends, family or other spectators it absolutely helps mentally.

Stacey and Kevin Lund, a husband and wife duo, have been running in Grandma’s marathon for four years. However, they said it takes months of training to prepare for the marathon, and expressed their gratitude towards volunteers. “It’s really one of the biggest things and I get choked up a little bit because just the volunteers that come out to help us runners, it’s priceless.” Kevin Lund said. “It’s amazing the volunteers and the people that come out for this event.” Stacey Lund also said. “And just the community that comes in just to hold goofy signs and cheer us on and ring the call bells. It really makes a difference and it keeps you going.” Kevin Lund said.

Claire Saunders, who ran in the Garry Björklund half marathon said running with her brother helped pushed her through the finish line. “Like as a runner if you’re feeling down or you want to pick up your pace. Having that noise and that volume and those cheers is huge. It really helps to have family and friends along.” Saunders said. She also recommended for Grandma’s Marathon runners for next year to have a coach help with training.

Kevin also said the support from fans watching the runners really helps bring the Northland community together. “With all the animosity and frustration in the world today. You never see that here.” Lund said. “You put 7000 people in a corral and say, ‘we’re going to run 13 miles!’ like everyone’s jazzed and ready to go. Like no one’s angry. And so it’s not so much for your physical health. It’s really good for your mental health.”

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