Governor Walz’s proposed $3.3 billion infrastructure bill

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In order to update Minnesota’s infrastructure Gov. Walz is proposing a 3.3 billion dollars infrastructure bill that is said to go towards roads, water systems, affordable housing projects and repair of state buildings.

Democratic legislators are in support while republicans are skeptical about the price tag. But, the question from many in the northland is how does these benefit us?

We spoke to republican house member Rep. Natalie Zeleznikar from Fredenberg Township and here is what she has to say.

“I think for the people that live in northern Minnesota, the things that are in the bonding bill are roads for a townships, there are bridges and then water and sewer is always an important piece, fixing pieces of infrastructure that are broken and all those are in there for the northern part of Minnesota. There’s some money for child care, there’s money for housing. Various initiatives where there’s grant applications to support various programs that, you know, would benefit northern Minnesota”

She also highlighted some project she believes will be funded by the bill
“In the district that I’m in, highway 61 has a gap of probably $10 million to finish the reconstruction of highway 61. I would hope that that can get done.
And then the townships, there’s potholes everywhere. So everybody wants to have that done.”

She also added.
“I support the principle that, we have $17 billion. So my thought is that there’s no reason why we can’t have social security taxes eliminated.”

Also known as the bonding bill because it includes $1.9 billion in bonds to pay for various projects — meaning democratic leaders will need to get some republicans on board.
If not, nearly $900 million of the projects would be paid for in cash, which requires a simple majority, something a DFL majority would likely be able to deliver.