Governor Evers signs bill securing new legislative maps for Wisconsin

Governor Evers stops in Superior to talk about new legislative maps

Hours after signing new legislative maps into law, Governor Evers stopped in Superior to talk about this.

Governor Tony Evers signed Senate Bill 488 in Madison on Monday morning, creating new legislative maps.

They had been submitted to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and were recently approved by the Republican-controlled legislature.

Evers stopped by Thirsty Pagan in Superior on Monday afternoon, to talk about this win.

New legislative maps for Wisconsin voters

Governor Evers shared more about the new legislative maps signed into law on Monday.

“At the end of the day, everybody is going to have a fair share and have an opportunity to win. The voters are the winners here. It’s not the Democratic Party and not the Republican Party. It is the voters of the state of Wisconsin,” he said.

Earlier, he sent out a statement:

Evers’ office said that his maps newly join Lake Superior shoreline communities that have strong maritime traditions and economic and cultural connections.

WDIO is reaching out to Republicans who represent the Northland for comment.

Rep. Chanz Green, from Ashland, sent a statement: “I just want to say that I am happy to see the map issue come to a close today with Governor Evers signing his own maps. We were preparing for any map, but with the maps settled, Republicans are ready to win on this map because we have the better policy ideas that best suit moving Wisconsin forward. I am excited to get the message out this fall!”

Rep. Angie Sapik sent a full statement:

Senator Romaine Quinn, who represents the 25th district, will be impacted by the new maps. But for now, he will continue to represent the people who elected him.

Link for new Senate Districts:

Link for new Assembly Districts:

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