Ghost walk tour and paranormal investigation in Canal Park

Ghost tours are becoming increasingly popular especially with haunted areas like the William A. Irvine ship. However, plenty of ghost stories are unknown walking throughout all of Canal Park.

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Duluth Ghost Tours is led by Kimberly Christine, a tour guide whose story-telling, is a bit unique. Christine uses in her own words “50% local history, 25% ghost legends, and 25% paranormal investigation”.

“I love the paranormal part because I’m educating them into things that they’re not familiar with. It has that element of comedy, as well as that spooky element, and that’s what makes it more fun and exciting. To educate them about the paranormal world and show them how the equipment works.” Christine said.

Towards the end of the tour, Christine uses equipment like EMF readers and Spirit boxes to communicate with ghosts. The investigation has something new every time, and the tour is fun for the whole family wanting to learn more about ghosts.

“Because what I tell people is you have to be a skeptic before you become a believer. You have to rule everything out. I’m a skeptic as much as I am a believer. So. And that’s really what makes the paranormal and paranormal investigating fun.” Christine said.

Christine also said that she is much as a skeptic, as she is a believer in ghosts and the paranormal. She is currently selling tickets on her website