Frost River sues Lucasfilm over usage of a backpack in the new Indiana Jones movie

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If you have seen the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny movie, chances are you have seen a familiar piece of baggage somewhere in the film.

“We noticed a big uptick in our geologist pack, which is really an interesting pack because it is actually based on my wife’s grandfather’s pack. He was a geologist here in the Northland and traveled all over the world back in the forties, fifties, and sixties,” said Frost River owner Christian Benson.

“All of sudden we started seeing an uptick, and then we started having customers email us and say, hey, is there any way we can get this product with the logo off of it? We kind of were like, well, that’s an odd request. No, we don’t really make products without logos on them. We do all of our trademark markings,” Benson added about the uptick in the item.

Frost River has filed a formal lawsuit against Lucasfilm for the film company using their products in the movie without consulting with them first. The bag in reference is the company’s Geologist Pack and Benson shares where the main stage of the lawsuit comes from.

“Our gripe is not that we’re in a movie, we like being in movies all the time. It’s more about the confession of the marketplace when one competitor of ours was tied into a marketing event with this product. We felt that we are the only ones who make this product if you do search online and look around it really is a unique product. We want to make sure that if people are interested in finding that bag we make it here, and we would love to connect you up with it and get one sent to you.”

With the lawsuit in ongoing status, Benson and the company hope that one thing comes for this all. “We’re just hoping that we get to make a whole bunch of these bags. They are a unique fun bag, and the fact that we make things right in the marketplace and let people know that we are the ones who know how to make this bag and can make it the right way.”

WDIO reached out to Lucasfilm and Disney to get their thoughts on this lawsuit and has heard nothing back.