French cuisine class focuses on bigger picture of food and connection with culture

French Cuisine class helps UMD students learn about culture and cooking

A look at how a French Cuisine course at UMD is helping students learn about culture and cooking at the same time.

The teaching kitchen at Duluth East is a busy place on Wednesday evenings.

UMD students are putting their skills to the test. Last week, it was all about eggs.

They are taking Dana Lindaman’s French Cuisine course.

“French cuisine is not about a particular spice or preparation of a dish. It’s about technique, and techniques that take time,” he explained. “It’s also about relationships. You’re cooking with people. You’re building relationships with your suppliers.

Plus, the students are learning valuable cooking skills.

Alana McClain, a junior, said, “As students, we don’t get to do as much hands-on learning. No matter where I end up, I can take this with me. It’s a really great way to learn about a different culture, in a really fun environment.”

Another student, Ella Swarbrick, added, “It’s taught me quality ingredients make for quality food.”

At the end of the semester, the students will put on a five-course meal with their skills.

Professor Lindaman is working on a food systems minor as well, through UMD. Stay tuned!