Flooding in Carlton County from Moose Horn river and other areas

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There is ongoing flooding in Carlton County, from Cloquet with the St. Louis river, to areas along Moose Horn river. There is currently a flood warning in effect until Monday. Residents in the Carlton County area are using sand bags and other means to prevent further flooding.

Mikayla Kielty, the owner of River Inn, talked about how the flooding in Carlton County can sometimes help get more customers. ““This is the highest we’ve seen it in many years. Probably since the 2012 flood, but it brings in business. It’s crazy seeing all the people that are coming in to look at the river. It’s awesome.” Kielty said. “We actually were out of town and we just got here, and we were a little past of what we needed to do. Our daughter is disabled, so we were out of town for a surgery, but by the time we got back, it was already up to the deck.”

Kielty said that flood insurance is expensive along the river, but the business helps offset some of the costs. “We actually lost a couple of our chairs, nothing crazy, but we were able to get some of it back up. We’ll just move what we have to, as we go.” Kielty said.

While flooding can be a spectacle, it’s important to keep in mind how dangerous flooding in Carlton County can be. Phil Entner, the Moose Lake Public Works Superintendent talked more about the city’s preparations with flooding. “I know it’s something to look at, but if you see a street that is that is blocked off, or not open to traffic, please respect that.” Entner said. “Try to make sure that you’re being respectful of people that are here trying to help. We’re trying to get through this all together as a community.”

Entner also said the area most impacted by flooding in Moose Lake has been the local campground. “We don’t know the extent yet as to what how bad it’s got. But we will be looking into that in the next the next couple of weeks to see what is and what isn’t damage. Also what we can do to get back into the campaign season which is going to start in about a month.”

To help contain the flooding in Carlton County, the Minnesota Department of Corrections had their Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP) help with sand bagging. Elissa Owens, the City Administrator of Moose Lake talked more about their help. “From a residential and private business standpoint, the city coordinated with CHP for the Department of Corrections. They’ve been absolutely instrumental in helping us with our sandbagging process and opportunity for residents.” Owens said.

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