EPA loses key ruling as Flint residents pursue water claims

DETROIT (AP) – The Environmental Protection Agency can’t appeal a key ruling in a long-running lawsuit claiming negligence by the federal government in Flint’s lead-contaminated water.

In 2020, federal Judge Judith Levy said Flint residents could sue the EPA. Now, two years later, the judge says she won’t put the case on hold to allow the government to appeal that decision.

Starting in 2014, Flint pulled water from the Flint River for 18 months without treating it to reduce corrosion. The water caused lead to be released from old pipes.

Much of the blame rested with regulators in state government. But Flint residents are also suing the EPA, which was aware of complaints about the water and had authority to intervene.

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9/10/2022 1:49:39 PM (GMT -5:00)