Ecolibrium3’s Eco-Fest with Lincoln Park cleanup for Earth Week

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Ecolibrium3’s Eco-Fest, is the celebration to Eco3’s Earth Week with learning about how to engage in climate action. Before Eco-Fest started, volunteers with Ecolibrium3 helped with cleaning up litter in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Jodi Slick, the CEO of Ecolibrium3 talked about how families can help the environment in their community even in small ways. “We’ve got a neighborhood cleanup, which we have a lot of families with their kids participating in. We’ve got seed art. There’s ways in which kids can use blocks to actually help design streets. So it’s it really is for all ages and I have to say it’s great sites are fantastic.” Slick said.

Ecolibrium3’s Eco-Fest also had a variety of different lessons for residents from solar panels, to electric vehicles, to composting. “What we need to do as a community to make sure that we are living more sustainably and doing things like converting to renewable energy.” Slick said. “It’s complex and so Eco-Fest, is really giving people lots to understand and act in our community.”

However, some people might not know where to start for helping the environment. Ecolibrium3 has plenty of volunteer opportunities that happen every Saturday. “One thing that we would encourage residents to do, especially if they have a smartphone, is to go into their phone and download an app called Get Green.” Slick said. “If you do that, that’s going to give you all of the different ways in which you can contribute to making Duluth a greener and more sustainable community.” For more information about Ecolibrium3’s Eco-Fest and the organization you can look here. For more stories happening in Lincoln Park you can look here.